2015-08-22 09:06:23 by Derpixon

Newgrounds just removed my two Pokemon parody flashes :(

There goes my motivation levels >.<


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2015-08-22 09:25:40

Technically, Nintendo wanted them to be gone and filed an exhaustive DMCA takedown, meaning that they would sue if those adult Pokémon flashes stood around. A bunch of other submissions had to be taken down by the admins for that reason. It's unfortunate and I am sorry to hear that it destroyed your motivation. Rest assured that you are very welcome to submit other flashes, well, aslong as they have no Nintendo stuff because Nintendo is pretty backwards. There are similiar issues with Let's Play's and other fanmade stuff, they (Nintendo) started to pretty much conquer against those things heavily in the last year ot so.

Tom explains it in this topic:

Derpixon responds:

Thank you kind sir for the quick response~! :3
Questions answered, but will never understand Nintendo's super tight restrictions on this one. >.<

Hopefully it's just Nintendo who does this and not all other companies, CAPCOM save me now... >.<

Thanks again and I'll steer clear next time :3


2015-08-22 10:22:02

That is the absolute worst! Those flashes were my favorite.. But don't give up, we all love what you do and hope you keep going


2015-08-22 14:15:09

Aw.. :( That's Horrible! I hope everything works out though soon. I guess Nintendo being a bit Stricker on there polices after the Youtube one >.<


2015-08-22 15:33:43

Total crap, Nintendo should stay away from new grounds. What is next any flash that makes fun of them? Don;t let them get you down, you make a great flash,and it sucks that DMCA stifle our creative world. Keep on making great flash. :)


2015-08-22 16:15:19

That sucks! I'm getting sick of Nintendo's BS, they really don't seem to understand the internet at all. Don't let it get you down!


2015-08-22 22:50:06

Goddammit what do I fiddle my diddle to now???

Derpixon responds:

I dunno~!
Here, have my chocolate-chip cookie!


2015-08-23 02:50:55

Chocolate-Chip Cookie ouo...


2015-08-23 05:17:16

Its not nintendo lots of other pokemon themes on newground


2015-08-31 23:21:19

any chance for you to put it up on a file host site?


2015-09-03 16:50:40

Ummm....as bad as it is to support someone who clearly stole it. Which is bad. Those Pokemon animations are on XVideos.com. Still. Sorry Derpixon!


2015-09-05 06:10:46

Nooo! I really like those 2 animations!! :(
Bullcrap Nintendo needs to learn about Rule 34.


2015-09-10 15:12:45

Aaaw toots! I liked double trouble so much! You can always reupload them with different characters isntead!


2015-09-27 17:09:02



2015-10-31 15:00:56

I already wondered why they were gone..But don't let yourself down! You have many supporters and followers, so keep that head up ♥


2015-12-30 15:23:04

don't feel demotivated dude, your work was awesome and sexy as hell, impossible to compare to others
sure there are others with better quality but you do something that many people desired and have never went there before
your work is original and did something everyone wanted for soooo long
(i'll be honest, i have trouble finding stuff attractive or enticing anymore and your general work is one of the rare penis triggers out there for me)
sharpen your pencil
don't let them censor you, you're awesome, keep up the awesome work


2016-01-09 17:11:30

Why? ... I am afraid D:


2016-04-17 05:06:40

I saw xvideos having your pokemon parody flashes on there. so they're still alive.