Back to drawing some pin-ups~! :3

2016-04-22 13:23:22 by Derpixon



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2016-04-23 03:27:58

It is good to have you back Pixon :D
I am excited to see new drawings and pin ups from you!

*Throws a party and starts dancing*
Okay I cant dance.. but still lol it's good to have you back and creating pins up for us all to enjoy ^_^
can't wait to see what you post next bud!


2016-05-28 18:24:58

That art style is great. You should make more pictures instead of flash, would probably have a career by now.


2016-05-30 16:54:43

Your artwork is amazing and done very well. I'd also love to see more animations from you as well. Nice work!