I have more links now~! :D

2017-03-26 05:47:32 by Derpixon

Who knows this might give you a notification or something :D

My Twitter (I just recently made this for the funzies, maybe tweet some random stuff too :D)

My HentaiFoundry (An alternative to newgrounds, but more lewd. Also you can see my commission status here)

My Picarto (If you want to see livestreams of me making lewds~!)

My Tumblr (Cuz ya know, tumblr stuff~!)

My Patreon (Of course, this one's for those who want to further support my works <3)


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2017-03-27 01:28:03

Wonderful :)


2017-03-28 14:16:03

Hey Check that out! D:
Now I can follow you on most of these as well yaaaaaaaay lol


2017-04-03 00:59:36

I've noticed that you got a pixiv, and it pains me to see that your amazing work is not getting the views it would normally get just because you don't know the japanese writing of the tags you use. I got a tip for you there: If you go to Sankaku Channel (a page similar to gelbooru) you will notice that there is an english/japanese option, so when you click a tag like you normaly would, change from english to japanese and you will see how all tags got translated, including the one you just looked for. Copy the word and then paste it when putting/editing the tags of your submission in pixiv.

You could look it in google but I'd say that consulting Sankaku through that method is more reliable since, it case of there being multiple ways of tagging the same thing, you will only see the "official", most popular way of calling it. It's such a minor thing but I guarantee that it will help the japanese audience realize what they've been missing >uO

Derpixon responds:

I've already started the japanese tags thing with the recent works :3

(Got some help with some of my friends who have a list of the tags Pixiv recognizes) I just didn't bother to place them in the first ones I submitted.

Thank you for the concern and support though! :D


2017-05-06 08:39:00

I love you and I love these beautiful animations you made, keep up the good work and thanks for the quality content


2017-05-21 06:21:20

What's up with Pixen's fear of Green Orcs she mentioned in Tera's Castle?

Also, yay! more links! XD keep going buddy!


2017-07-04 15:51:20

your work is amazing! keep up the great work.