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What I've been working on for the past months :D

2017-08-29 13:43:57 by Derpixon

"Why are you only uploading loops?"

That is because I have this big project thingy going on in the background. :3

That one is a sample animatic of the intro. I'm currently working on the sex scenes, which you can check on the progress on my Picarto.

You can also see more of the WIPs and stuff on my Tumblr



This is bigger than anything I've ever done so far! I do hope I'll be able to finish this :D

Thank you for understanding and I appreciate your support over the years! :>

I have more links now~! :D

2017-03-26 05:47:32 by Derpixon

Who knows this might give you a notification or something :D

My Twitter (I just recently made this for the funzies, maybe tweet some random stuff too :D)

My HentaiFoundry (An alternative to newgrounds, but more lewd. Also you can see my commission status here)

My Picarto (If you want to see livestreams of me making lewds~!)

My Tumblr (Cuz ya know, tumblr stuff~!)

My Patreon (Of course, this one's for those who want to further support my works <3)

I have a patreon~! :3

2016-09-02 00:13:06 by Derpixon

For those who want to support my works :3



Bandit Breeding is out~

2016-07-30 05:08:35 by Derpixon

Check it out HERE


New animation~! :3

2016-06-19 13:07:10 by Derpixon


I don't think I can upload it here tho cuz of the content, so just click the link if you wanna see it~! :3


5264703_145869812583_ravaged7.gifA little sneak peak~! :3


2016-01-16 08:38:42 by Derpixon

If you guys want to see some updates, WIPs, answered questions, and etc., then visit my other thingies at Tumblr~! :3


2015-08-22 09:06:23 by Derpixon

Newgrounds just removed my two Pokemon parody flashes :(

There goes my motivation levels >.<


2015-08-09 22:33:26 by Derpixon

Some delicious WIP for you guys :3

Back to drawing thingies that don't move. >.<

I'm wondering if I could upload GIF thingies on the art section since it would be a waste of space to upload them as flash file movies. >.<

and of course, Thank you for the 800+ Follows <3